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Vinnytsia National Medical University Is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine, with a global cultural environment and a fantastic student life. With over 10,000 students, doctors-interns, masters, post-graduates and people working for Ph.D degree and about 1500 foreign students VNMU has always been one of the biggest institute serving in the field of medicine for over a century. The university is characterized by a great history and innumerable achievements and a great cultural fusion with students coming from over 27 countries around the globe to pursue their dream career in various fields both at graduate and post-graduate level offered at the university.

With 10 faculties, 44 departments, more than 700 scientific and pedagogical professionals including 11 academicians and members of National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medical Sciences, 21 academicians of public academies, 20 members of International Organizations and Associations, 64 honored members of Science and technology, 124 Doctors of Sciences, 101 Professors, 410 Candidates of science, 238 Associate Professors, 75 Clinical bases with 4000 beds and 70 thousand patients treated every year and more than 40,000 surgeries conducted every year VNMU is the first choice for students not only from Ukraine but from countries like India, Jordan Poland, Belarus, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Czech, Turkmenistan etc. for their career in medicine with limitless education offerings at both undergraduate and Masters Level.

Why Vinnytsia National Medical University ?

  1. One of the oldest since early 1900’s and Eastern Europe's one of the most highly ranked university.
  2. Three disciplines- Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy.
  3. Education and research in Ukrainian, English and Russian Medium.
  4. 10 Faculties, 5 institutes, 44 departments, 20 divisions and laboratories.
  5. Approximately 400 patents on inventions per year, 50 scientific forums, over 20 scientific monographs, 10 scientific magazines.
  6. 23 agreements with international and foreign organizations and institutions, co-founder of interuniversity center of science and cooperation in universities in South and South–eastern Europe, East European chain of Universities, participants in 17 educational and 69 scientific international projects
  7. Partner in EU program "Erasmus Mundus" to provide mobility of students and teachers, together with various Institutes in Europe.
  8. More than 400 thousand volumes in scientific library, 16 internet equipped on campus centers and 500 computer units in educational process. Diversity and expansion – education and research in 10 faculties.
  9. Student Exchange and research collaboration with universities throughout Mainland Europe.
  10. Excellence- State of art infrastructure for training world class doctors.
  11. Active, systematic quality control of educational process.
  12. Superbly equipped with medical technology of highest standards, purpose-designed, modern, interdisciplinary campus facility.
  13. One of the oldest-university in Eastern Europe and Soviet USSR with living cultural and educational settings.
  14. Fantastic European standard student life with great cultural offerings and various festivities

Faculty Of General Medical

  1. Undergraduate Course- MBBS/MD (Physician).
  2. Duration-6 years.

The Medical course at VNMU takes six years and leads to MD (Doctor of Medical) or MBBS.

In the under graduate program, during six years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental subjects disciplines to special medical subjects.

Admission to the medical faculty takes place after signing of a contract between the university and the student. Foreigners learn in group of ten to fifteen students along with other international students. The second year students attend their clinical studies where they can gain experience in nursing the patients. Clinical subjects are taught beginning from the third year of study.

The medium of instruction in the Medical faculty is English and Russian language.

The State Final Examinations On All The Disciplines According To The Syllabus Are Held Within One System Through 2 Stages

  1. Testing practical proficiency of final-year students (when exams on clinical disciplines are taken, testing takes place at the patient's bed).
  2. Testing scientific/theoretical proficiency.

The successful students who will complete study of six years, will be awarded medical degree after passing the state exams. There is a wide range of specialization available in the public and private sectors, involving research, academic medicine, public health, clinical medicine and other areas. Specialties include Cardiology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Psychological Medical, Surgery, Pathology, Public Health, General Practice and many others.

Most doctors complete postgraduate training in their chosen specialty Medical is a respected, rewarding, and truly international career. For the entry requirements please visit the Rules of admission page.

Vinnytsia offers on campus internship program.

Each Indian student has to finish his screening test (FMGE) and undergo a compulsory rotatory internship in India before he/she gets his permanent registration in Medical Council of India or license to practice as a physician.

For Admission To Undergraduate Program Following Are The Eligibility Requirements:-

  1. Eligibility requirement as mentioned by eligibility certificate regulations of medical council of India.
  2. Higher secondary certificate with physics, chemistry, biology and English as subjects.
  3. Passport copy
  4. Date of birth certificate.
  5. Complete application form.
  6. NEET 2019 Pass results
Admissions open for Intake 2020-2021
  • Degree Awarded:

    M.D. Physician (Undergraduate program)
  • Duration:

    6 Years
  • City:

  • Medium Of Instruction:

  • Program commences:

    Nov 01-2020
  • Last Date to join program:

    Dec 15-2020
  • Last date to apply:

    Nov 20-2020
  • Tuition fee:

    5000 $ per annum
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